March 12, 2019

Add Ons

Get the most for your listing by choosing the addons that will help get it noticed!

Blue Sky Replacement

Unfortunately there’s no shortage of overcast days in the GTA, but that doesn’t have to be the case in your photos! We can replace the dreary, white/grey sky with a beautiful blue one for you to stand out on MLS!

Twilight Shoots

For higher end properties that have great exterior lighting, a twilight shoot is just what you need to stand out from the crowd on MLS. This addon is available only for photo + video packages.


You can choose to have a professional narrator voice over the video tour to best highlight its features for a professional buyer. Please allow extra time for this addon.

Feature Sheets

An essential for any open house, our feature sheets feature (get it?) a gorgeous custom design that our clients love! Professionally printed in a variety of paper choices, and either delivered to you or available for pickup.

Feature Sheet Design Only

For those that want quick delivery, and wouldn’t mind saving a little coin printing themselves (or at Staples etc.), we also offer feature sheet design with our custom design that our clients really enjoy.

Custom Website with Custom Domain Name

Help your listing stand out even more, with a custom domain name and website!  You can have something like (or .com), or whatever else you prefer (that’s available).  We’ll create an attractive, custom website that highlights all the important features of the house.